8 oz  - Fruit

8 oz - Fruit

Antipodean Opaleye - sweet pineapple, ozone

Feather of Truth - blueberry

Fenrir’s Strength - blackberry

Fossegrim - apricot

Hippocampus - nectar of juicy peaches and citrus

Holy Lance - mulberry enhanced with a fruity bouquet of peach, pineapple, and orange

Morrigan’s Prophecy - boysenberry

Part the Sea - pineapple, orange, apple

Peaches of Immortality - Georgia peaches

Phaedra - mango

Poseidon’s Trident - mango and coconut

Romanian Longhorn - juicy watermelon

Sacred Apple Orchard - green leaves, apple, pear

Shirt of Nessus - pomegranate, berry nectar

The Black Angel - fresh berries and sweet vanilla

The Exalted One - kiwi

The Forbidden Fruit - vanilla grapefruit